Second Grade Links

Clip Art Graphic of a Desktop Computer Cartoon Character

Links for the week of 5-4-09

Scrambled Stories

Rags to Riches (Comprehension Skills)

Castle Calamity

Now you can choose from any below!

  Fish Tank Probability Game

Bitesize Games

Counting Money

Making Change Quiz

Dinosaur Eggs

Guess a number

Counting Change

Mystery Picture

Power Proofreading

Bubbles Typing Game

Bon Appetit


Advanced Alphabetizing

Comparing Number Values

Arctic Antics

Word Confusion

Flip a Chip

Coconut Vowels

Fun City (Takes a little while to load)

Nimble Fingers – (Beginning Keys, #5, 6, 7)

Dragon’s Eggs

Least to Greatest

Number Cracker


Noun Dunk (go to 30 points)

Rats (Nouns and Verbs)

Power Proofreading

Awesome Antonymns

Who, What, Where, When & Why

Comprehension – Same and Different

Awesome Analogies

Snakes and Ladders

Professor Garfield

Wacky Web Tales

Super Hyper Typer Spider


Ed Heads Knee Surgery

Wacky Web Tales

Reading Blaster

Type to Learn 3

Hot Dog Stand

Penquins on Ice

Funschool (Vocabulary)

Arrowrock History

Chick Journal

Chick Embryology

Nutrition Dole 5-a-day

Nutrition Games

Pioneer Webquest

What is a Dinosaur?

Picture Dictionary

USFA Kids – Fire Safety

Learning About Abraham Lincoln

Internet 4 Classrooms

Veteran’s Day

Story of Veteran’s Day

Literacy Games

Elementary Math Games

President’s Day Info

Listening & Reading Games

In Case of Fire


Missouri Kids Page

Martin Luther King Jr.

Flash Cards for Math

Nutrition Pyramid

Ben’s Guides Symbols for U.S.

Veteran’s Day for Kids


Rock Hound


Rainforest Math

Native Americans

Experiment with Rocks

Time for Kids


Making Predictions

 Rock-n-Roll Keyboarding





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