First Grade

Week of 5-4-09

Rock -n – Roll Keyboarding (stage 2)

The Best Trampolini Game

Jim’s Whirlyword Machine

Little Animals Activity Center

Now you can choose from any of the following:

Rock-n-Roll Keyboarding (Home row)


Hungry Caterpillar Game

Guess a Number

Building Sentences

Making Change Matching


Counting Backwards

Easter Tic Tac Toe

Easter Drag n Drop Puzzle

Choose whatever Easter Primary Games You Want 

Coloring pages online

Bon Appetit


Arctic Antics

Addition Pinball

The Dragon’s Eggs

Test the Toad

A Kids Show About Bugs


Math Baseball

Yellow Gorilla

Super Hyper Typer Spider

Mad Moves

Tiki Treasure

Cannon Math

Stories for Listening

Construct a Word

Picture Match

The Grumpy Bug                       iKnowthat Scrambled Stories

Arthur Games                            Starfall Letters

Leon’s Math Movies                Getting Ready to Read

Buzzing the Shapes                   Snakes and Ladders


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