Fifth Grade Links


Beginning of the Year Links for Scavenger Hunt

1.  Welcome to Muscles

2.  Your Muscles

4.  Bones, Muscles, and Joints

5.  Innerbody


Links for Second Session of School

Word Lab

 Word Wiz

The Links Below are for Extra Time

Take Three One Minute Typing Tests

Addition Trick

Castle Calamity

Decimal Jeopardy (Play in Pairs)


The Golden Egg

Online Typing 


Math Bingo

Brick Breaker

Brain Games

Choice of the Following:

Hot Dog Stand

Type to Learn 3

Google Sketchup

Ed Heads


Wacky Web Tales


Builder Ted

Internet 4 Classrooms Skills

U.S. Map Game

Ed Heads Simple Machines

Interactive Area Explorer

Online Keyboarding Practice

Creating a Microsoft Booklet

The Kidz Page

Inferencing Quiz

Quia Inferencing Battleship

Typer Shark

Power Proofreading

Wacky Web Tales

Study Island

 Rock-n-Roll Keyboarding

You could also get on:




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